Expertise, know-how, momentum, trust, and satisfaction: these are the words
that have driven every employee’s workday at Optimum Graphiques for over 25 years.
The Laval-based company has earned a leading role on the large format printing scene
with its vision, constant evolution, and willingness to establish long-term relationships
with both its customers and its employees.

OG it's...

Optimum Graphiques has been honing its expertise and know-how in large format printing since 1995. The company first focused its efforts on exhibition material production, then evolved by acquiring various production and printing equipment. In 2008, following an acquisition, Optimum Graphiques doubled its sales and workforce. Since then, the company has positioned itself as a leader in the large format printing industry. It's a dynamic and constantly evolving business. Optimum Graphiques is an important player in the display market for retailers that operate across multiple locations. 

Since its inception, the OG team has always striven to build long-lasting business relationships based on trust and customer satisfaction. This philosophy also drives the company’s relationship with its employees. 



/ Respect

Satisfy our customers
and ensure our employees’ happiness at work.

/ Ingenuity 

Attention to detail, creativity, solutions seeking, and ingenious processes are what sets us apart in the market.

/ The team

You go faster by yourself,
but you go further with others.

/ Integrity

Honesty is the best policy
for strong and enduring relationships.


Create, produce, and market large format printing that stands out so we can artfully dress up our customers’ many environments.