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On top of career-specific qualifications, we are looking for employees with the following profile:  

Our DNA, which stands for our corporate values: 

  • Respect: Satisfy our customers and ensure our employees’ happiness at work. 
  • Ingenuity: Attention to detail, creativity, solutions seeking, and ingenious processes are what sets us apart in the market. 
  • The team: You go faster by yourself, but you go further with others. 
  • Integrity: Honesty is the best policy for strong and enduring relationships. 

These values are the basis of our hiring process. 


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Various careers with us

+ Administration

Organizing, planning and discretion are key components of the administrative assistant’s job.
They perform office work, accounting tasks such as payables and receivables, take care of payroll
and support human resources.


+ Estimator

The estimator collects information from the customer, validates pricing with suppliers and submits an estimate. If changes are requested, they adjust the estimate. Their expert knowledge of the processes enables them to provide effective guidance to project leads as well as customers. Working with our production team, they develop new processes. 


+ Sales

The sales team includes sales reps, coordinators, and project leads. We operate with an internal sales model. Our team members assess the customer base, represent Optimum Graphiques, offer guidance to businesses that show interest in our products and services, collect the information provided by the customers, forward it to an estimator and are responsible for the follow-up with all parties involved. They ensure direct communication between the customers and our internal production team. They spearhead several different projects at the same time and contribute to sales development with their team. They guarantee a high standard of quality and their interpersonal communication skills are beyond reproach. 


+ Graphic Artist

At the customer’s request, the graphic artist designs and draws up the graphic and visual materials to convey the message effectively. They come up with ideas and images for different types and formats of printed materials. They can also create web-oriented, interactive products. 


+ Computer Graphic Designer

The computer graphic designer, along with the graphic artists, is responsible for the formatting, layout, variations, and preparation of the documents while complying with graphic standards. 

 The prepress graphic designer receives the customer’s files and processes them. They get the proofs ready and apply the technical specifications of the various presses and cutting processes. 


+ Printing

The prepress and printing press operators are the gatekeepers of the printing quality and accurate colour reproduction. They validate the measurements to make sure they match the requirements of the production file, and that they are appropriate for the available materials. They also check quantities and optimize media space during imposition. 


+ Finishing

Working with the purchase order, the team member checks measurements, materials, and quantities. They finalize the work by laminating it, doing a CNC or a machine cut, installing hardware and/or assembling it. They then proceed with the packaging and/or kitting of the finished product. 


+ Installer

The installer goes to the customer’s location with the finished product. They clean the intended surface and then install the product. They make sure to leave the site in perfect condition. 


+ Shipping

The packaging, reception and shipping clerk verifies every order for accuracy (quality and quantity). They prepare the waybills for delivery and ensure the quality of the packaging. They also contact the customer to tell them the work is ready for pick-up. They make sure the warehouse is kept clean and in order. 


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